The summer capital of the British Empire in India, Shimla is today one of India’s most popular hill stations and a quintessential summer getaway from Delhi. Best known for its Victorian architecture, reminiscent of the colonial era, and for street shopping on its famous Mall Road, Shimla offers a breadth of adventurous experiences, cultural insights, and a chance to rejuvenate in the lap of the Himalayas.

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The history of Shimla goes back to 1804 when the Gurkhas wreak havoc on the hills and the surrounding areas of Shimla. By 1808 they conquered many arms posts and their tyrannical rule made the people here appeal to the British to lend a hand. On 15th May 1815 the British defeated the Gurkhas. The lost land was restored to the chiefs under British protection. The Maharaja of Patiala who aided the British during this war was given land for his service which now consists of Shimla. The Shimla district was named after the city which was formed on 1st September 1972. In 1819 Lt.Ross, the Assistant Political Agent of hill states set up the first British residence which was no more than a wooden cottage. His successor Lt.Charles Patt Kennedy built the first concrete house in 1822. This house was named as ‘Kennedy House’. In 1850-51 the Hindustan Tibet road was constructed from Kalka to Shimla. Shimla was declared the summer capital of India in 1864.A railway line was built in 1903 between Kalka and Shimla. After Independence of India Shimla was the capital of the state of Punjab. In 1966 with the creation of the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla was chosen as the capital of the state.

Best Time to Visit Shimla

Located on the lower ranges of the Himalayas, Shimla is a hill station that experiences extreme climatic conditions. It is situated at a height of around 2213 meters above sea level. This altitude gives Shimla its diverse climatic conditions. There is no such ideal time to visit Simla, as this pleasant hill station is one of the most preferred destinations in India at any given time. One can say that the peak season for Shimla travel is all though the year! Read on further and decide the best time to visit Shimla for yourself.Though Shimla has pleasant climate throughout the year, it experiences cold winters. The temperatures can drop to sub-zero conditions during the peak winter season. The best time to visit Shimla would be October to November and from March to May. It is advisable not to visit Shimla during monsoons as the place has a history of having landslides every now and then. The roads can get very slippery and it is not a good idea to roam around at this time.

You can also visit Shimla during winter months. The hill station witnesses heavy snowfall and tourists throng Shimla in December during Christmas and New Year. Winters are also an ideal time to visit Shimla if you love adventure sports like skiing and ice-skating. Though moving around is a bit difficult when it snows, just playing in the snow will lift up your spirits and make sure you have a wonderful vacation

How to reach Shimla:

By Air : The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti 23 km.
By Rail : There is broad guage railway line upto Kalka and thereafter narrow guage line upto Shimla 90 km. ) with 103 tunnels, rail journey to shimla takes 4 hours.
By Road : Almost each and every part of the state is linked by roads. It is conveniently approachable by taxi, self driven car, bus and coach from Delhi and Chandigarh

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Tourist spots around Shimla

Plan Your Sightseeing

If you are fond of walking, Shimla will unfold parts that remain hidden to vehicles. Combinations by car and then on foot are possible in several areas. It is suggested that you take a direction for the day and cover the places of interest.

The area around the Institute of Advanced Study has several walks. Combine these with visit to the State Museum and expand if you will towards Kamna Devi.

Tara Devi and Sankat Mochan can be linked with a short train ride to Tara Devi station. The Himalayan Queen that leaves Shimla at 10.15 am is recommended.

Jakhoo can be combined with a stroll and shopping on the Mall and in Lakkar Bazaar. The Lower Bazaar that runs parallel to the Mall at a lower level has the flavour of a typical Indian market place. Trinkets that can be purchased here include silver jewellery. You can also walk towards Chotta Shimla and Raj Bhavan the residence of the state Governor. The recently created rooms of Himachal Darshan offer a glimpse of the various district in the state. Jakhoo has several paths that criss-cross the hill a good walk is along the old Five Benches Road near the microwaves link tower. The Bharari spur also has many walks that can be done in a few hours or carried over the day

Distances from Shimla

Places to visit
Chadwick Falls
Indian Institute of Advanced Study
Jakhoo Temple
Prospect Hill
Recong Peo  231
Sankat Mochan
State Museum
Summer Hill
Tara Devi

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